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Here at Zetetic Theocracy, we believe in charity towards all of God’s creatures. Killing and eating the flesh of dead animals was never and will never be God’s perfect will for humanity.

The apostle Paul said that if you have not charity, you are nothing, and that all of your life’s labors profit you nothing.

What is charity?

Paul says that charity suffereth long. Are you hungry? Suffer long. Thou shalt not kill, saith the scriptures. The wise man hath compassion on his animal, saith King Solomon.

Charity envieth not. Are you not envying the nutrients within the flesh of another, which is not your own? Thou shalt not covet any thing that is thy neighbor’s.

Are you not behaving unseemly, seeking your own, and thinking evil? You can go through all of the requirements Paul list in order to not be worth nothing to God, and killing and eating any living creature seems to violate all of them. That is a big problem for those who rejoice in the iniquity of eating the flesh of another.

They rejoice not in the truth, which is that God gave us the green herb for our meat and every tree yielding fruit.